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No room in the Inn


No room in the Inn

Is it possible the bible is written in loops?

I’ve observed the words of the bible appear to have a design. The words flow out, do something, and return. Then, the design begins again. Like a loop. The Christmas story in Luke 2 is a great example.

Compare the first scene, in Luke 2:7, with the shepherd story that comes just a little later in Luke 2:11.


Birth of Christ

Mary gives birth to her firstborn son. An angel tells the shepherds a Savior is born. The words are different, but the story is the same. Jesus enters this world.

Perhaps the similarity of these two passages is only a coincidence. So, let’s add the text that follows each verse.


Birth of Christ

Mary wraps Jesus in bands of cloth, and puts him in a manger (feeding trough). The angel tells the shepherds to look for a baby, wrapped in cloth, lying in a manager.

Now these Christmas story passages, written one after another, appear to have two clear points of connection. Still, this may be a coincidence, so let’s add more text.

No Room | Great Multitudes
Birth of Christ

To me, this is where these passages get fascinating. Jesus is put in a feeding trough because there is no room in the inn.

Suddenly, there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly army, praising God. No room. Great multitudes. Do you see a connection?

This may be more than a connection. Perhaps the “Inn” packed with people symbolizes something – like a place prepared for these angels in heaven.

Still, these similarities may be a coincidence. So, let’s add the final part of each passage.


Birth of Christ

At this point, the two stories appear to run into each other. Both speak of Shepherds. Shepherds keep watch over their flock. Shepherds say, let’s go to Bethlehem.

This, by the way, is where the design of the first passage begins. Mary and Joseph are going up to Bethlehem.


As I mentioned, it appears the words of the bible are written in loops. They repeat themselves about every three or four verses.

The loops form something like mini-stories with a beginning, middle and end. Then, the design begins again. Placed side by side, two passages will have clear points of connection. Like giving birth, wrapping in cloths, feeding troughs and shepherds.

Together, the two stories begin to reveal something deeper. Like a place prepared for a great multitude of angels. Like a place prepared for us – by Christ himself.

Full Story

I’ve only shown you part of loop.  Now, I’d like to show you the whole thing.

Click the right arrow, or the “As-a-String” link below to look at the complete parallel.

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