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Calculate the Number of the Beast of Revelation

There may be a way to calculate the number of the beast of Revelation 13:18 – a great mystery of the bible. This I’d like to show you.

Mark of the BeastAs a stand-alone verse, all you can do is observe the clues. The answer requires wisdom. You need to do some math. It’s the number of a man. Finally, the number is revealed – 666 – but remains a mystery.


A new way to understand this passage is explore it in parallel. Compare Revelation 13:18 (left) with the Crucifixion scene in Mark 15:28 (right). Notice the possible connection.
Numbered with Transgressors

Revelations says the number of the beast, “is the number of a man.” Jesus was counted with the transgressors. Perhaps Jesus is the “man.” From this single point of connection, this is possible, but not yet certain.

That’s where the bible’s design comes in. If these two passages are meant to work together, what comes before and after this point should also connect. So, let’s add the text above each verse.

Right Hand

In Revelations, people are given marks on their right hand. In the parallel, Jesus is crucified with two robbers, one on his right hand, another on his left.

Now there are two possible points of connection between these two passages – right hands and numbering. Still, this may be a coincidence. So, let’s add more text above.


In Revelations, whoever doesn’t worship the image of the beast is caused to be killed. In the parallel, an accusation is written over Jesus’ head, “THE KING OF THE JEWS.” Is there a connection?

Every name in the bible has a meaning. The connection may lie in the word “Jews,” which means “God be Praised.” Worship.

Now there are three potential points of connection: Worship. Right Hands. Numbering. Decide for yourself, but to me, it seems pretty clear these passages are starting to work together.

As a final check, let’s add the text that comes after the numbering.


Look at the bottom. In Revelations, Jesus stands on Mount Zion, his Kingdom, with a great number of people. In Mark’s crucifixion scene, people pass by, blaspheming Christ.

Now it’s possible these two passages do more than connect – they reveal. Perhaps many of those who pass by the cross become part of Jesus’ Kingdom – with his name written on their foreheads. Like us.

Biblical Design

It appears the words of the bible have an underlying design. Two passages will connect through symbols they have in common – like worshipping, right hands and numbering. Together, they’ll reveal a deeper story that goes beyond a single passage.

This parallel suggests Jesus was marked for destruction. His hands were clearly marked – with two holes, nailed to the cross.

To me, the fact the words of the bible may work together this way is amazing in itself. But, the original question remains – the number of the beast.


Can you calculate the number of the beast, which is the number of a man, whose number is 666?

This may hold an answer. Three were crucified. Jesus was the second. Two of Three.


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